Peace 1918


As the war drew to its climatic close, people in Monmouthshire began to look towards the peace.  In October 1918 branches of the League of Nations Association were formed in Brynmawr and elsewhere. On the day of the armistice crowds gathered outside newspaper offices waiting for the news to come through.

For many, the end of the war was marred not just by memories of loved ones lost but also by the fresh wave of deaths as a result of the Spanish ‘flu epidemic.  The Medical Officer of Health for Abertillery reported that during the first three weeks of November, 55 people had died of Spanish ‘flu.  They were aged between 19 and 39.


Griffithstown School log book  11th November 1918   (Gwent Archives)

“At 11.10 this morning came the glorious news that the Armistice with Germany had been signed.  The scholars had been assembled, and upon the announcement being made, there appeared excitement rare even in the annals of school children. After shouting and cheering and the singing of patriotic songs, it was felt impossible to go on with the work of the day, the excitement, in and out, rendering the idea of work out of the question., so at 11.35 a.m. the jubilant scholars were dismissed for the day and thus ended a morning that will live for ever in the memory of the teachers and children who were privileged to live through it.”